I am Gelene from Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines. I am a lawyer and became a member of the Philippine Bar in 2012;

In May 2013, I entered government service when I began working at the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 5 where I fell into a relationship with administrative law and met some of the best people to work with;


some of my co-workers in their care-free shots

Having come from general private law practice, I entered the service with limited knowledge on its technicalities. Rules involving government employees changed from time to time and information to answer common questions are not readily available even on the web;

After more than a year of facing civil service laws and rules on a daily basis, I decided to share all the gained knowledge.  Because of that, The Pinoy Civil Servant (A Beginner’s Guide to Philippine Government Service and Other Matters) was born in August 2014;

TPCS old

The old look of my blog, before I figured it looked so gloomy.

My first readers were family, friends, and office mates whom I bullied requested to give feedback. I also promoted the blog to participants in lectures and seminars where I served as the learning provider. Eventually readership grew and I was psyched when I began receiving e-mails from readers thanking me for coming up with the blog. The kind words were more than enough to keep me writing despite the bulk of office work I also had to do;

Fast forward to June 2015, I got married to my best friend George, who is also a civil servant for Philippine’s foreign affairs. A week after we wed, he got an assignment order saying that he will transfer to Ankara, Turkey for six years. I will be joining him – by choice; NDF_6982

Now, I am starting a new journey, on to a special assignment of starting a beautiful family, living a happy marriage, and discovering much more to life than what I can see. Along the way, I wish to be able to learn more things worth sharing in this revamped blog – The Pinoy Civil Servant Version 2.0 (On a Special Assignment).

There will be no more restrictive theme and I’ll try to write about whatever comes to mind, but I’ll keep the blog name for it’s sentimental value.

Again, welcome and enjoy your stay.



The matters contained in this blog are for information (sometimes, entertainment) purposes only. All thoughts and opinions published in this blog solely belong to the author and do not reflect those of the CSC management or any other employer. Further, this blog is not intended to be a venue for obtaining legal advice on specific legal issues. If you need legal advice, kindly contact some other lawyer who can provide the assistance that you need. Finally, all photos used on this blog are taken from sources over the web, unless specifically attributed to me or to another. If you’re the owner and wish to be credited, please leave a message.

Thank you.


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