Captivating Cappadocia

When George broke the news that ย we were joining a guided tour to Cappadocia, I was ecstatic! God is great! Only eight days in Turkey and we were getting a tour to one of its most beautiful places-for free! Isn’t that amazing?

So we left Ankara at 5:30 in the morning and arrived in Cappadocia after almost four hours of travel throughย a rented mini bus. Our first stop was at the Pigeon Valley where my eyes feasted on the majesty of human creativity. We were told that early Cappadocian farmers manually carved these pigeon houses on the hills, placed food for the birds, and collected droppings to beย used as natural fertilizers. There were sooo many pigeon houses because for the farmers, more poop spelled more farm produce. Unfortunately, the practice stopped when farmers discovered artificial fertilizers. Continue reading